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Rising Above Comparison: SOAR as yourself

In a world where everyone’s highlight reels are just a scroll away, it’s easy to fall into the “comparison trap.” We get it – you want to be the best version of yourself, and that’s awesome! But let’s chat about how constantly measuring yourself against others impacts you, those around you and your journey into leadership.

The Downside of Comparison:

Goodbye Self-Confidence: Imagine if your phone battery was your self-esteem, and constantly comparing yourself to others is like having a million apps running in the background. It drains you. You start doubting your own strengths and fabulous qualities, your confidence dips and it feels harder and harder to truly bring YOU to all you do.

Stifled creativity: Every leader, every person, has a unique approach to problem-solving and decision-making. Constantly comparing yourself to others can stifle your creativity and innovative thinking, as you are too busy trying to stick in line with what everyone else is doing. Your leadership shines when you bring your uniqueness to it.

Imposter syndrome: Ever felt like you’re rocking a fantastic mask that could slip off any minute, revealing that you’re not as great as people think? That’s imposter syndrome, and constantly comparing yourself can fuel it. Let’s kick that feeling to the curb, shall we?

Holding back your own growth: Focusing too much on others’ achievements can divert your attention from your own growth and development. Your leadership journey should be about continuous improvement and becoming the best version of yourself, not about trying to be someone else.

What if instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, you could instead embrace your uniqueness, rise above those comparisons and truly SOAR as your best self?

Here are some top tips on how to do that:

Recognise your superpowers: Take some time to recognise your brilliance – what are your areas of deep expertise? What are the skills you have that no one else around you does? What are the little quirks and uniquenesses that make you “you”? These are your superpowers! Embrace them and rock them – the world needs them!

A vision just for you: When you set your goals or your vision in comparison to someone else it doesn’t motivate you as much and if you do get there, it will feel hollow because it’s not yours. Instead, get really clear on what matters to YOU. Create your vision for your future, your milestones to get there and follow your path.

Learning not Copying: Comparison doesn’t have to be purely detrimental – when we compare ourselves to others with curiosity and look for what there is to learn it can give us real insight not just beat us down. Learn from other leaders, gather inspiration, and weave those lessons into your own unique tapestry of success.

Practice self-compassion: Imagine your best friend is going through what you are. Would you berate them for not being perfect? Of course not! Treat yourself with the same kindness and love. You’re a work in progress, and that’s a beautiful thing.

So remember that your journey isn’t a race against others.

As you step into leadership, you will shine when you bring all of you. Embrace your individuality and learn from those around you. When you bring your unique perspective and abilities to your leadership that’s when you’ll really start to SOAR.

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