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Overcoming Fear: Taking the Leap Towards Change

In this article, we’re tackling a common obstacle we see our clients face: fear. It’s natural to hesitate when investing in ourselves. We fear failure, suffer from imposter syndrome and worry about the opinions of others. As author, Mandy Hale said, “It’s OK to be scared; being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” in SOAR: take flight & lead, we conquer fear together and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth!

Fear can transform us. Stepping out of our comfort zones takes courage, enabling us unparalleled growth. Confronting fear opens us up to reach new heights, discover untapped strengths and unlock opportunities we never thought possible.

Imposter syndrome often holds us back. We doubt our abilities and fear being exposed as a fake. Yet, it is also a sign of pushing ourselves to grow, to be more and to not play small. Learning to trust in our skills, knowledge, and unique perspectives empowers us to overcome imposter syndrome and flourish as leaders.

Others’ opinions shouldn’t hinder us, but they can stop us from taking action. Our journey is ours alone. Embracing the personal and professional development that SOAR delivers, is an investment in your future, free from external judgments. Focusing on your dreams, goals, and inner belief allows genuine growth in ways that feel authentic and sustainable.

Finding time and energy is a challenge – we’re all busy, active women!

Committing to our growth and prioritising our hopes means learning to hold our boundaries and saying no to distractions or the wants or asks of others. Identifying pockets of time, setting priorities, and taking small steps daily leads to significant transformation.

Confronting your fear boosts your confidence and capacity for development. Stepping into the unknown opens doors to new opportunities. Embracing change unlocks our potential and brings a fulfilling, purposeful life. SOAR participants remark on how much more comfortable they are in saying yes to opportunities because of what they’ve learnt and practised in the programme.

Dear brave souls, rise above your fear and embrace change. Feeling scared is a sign of bravery, pushing us towards growth. Confront your imposter, shed others’ opinions, find time and energy, and take the leap towards growth. Let’s rewrite your stories, unlock your potential, and SOAR together!




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