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Finding the Confidence to Step Up and Lead

“Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer your fears, never let anyone bring you down.” – Cherie Blair

In the dynamic landscape of modern leadership, confidence stands tall as a critical attribute, yet is often one of the biggest challenges for women. It’s the driving force behind seizing opportunities, navigating challenges and career progress. Yet, for many women leaders, finding and harnessing this self assurance can be a challenging journey – even when they reach senior positions.

The Essence of Confidence

Confidence isn’t merely about excluding an air of certainty or having the loudest voice; it’s about self-belief. It’s the conviction that you possess the skills, knowledge, and resilience to handle whatever comes your way. As Cherie Blair beautifully articulates, it’s an internal self-worth to conquer our fears and not succumb to naysayers.


The Institute of Leadership & Management’s insightful research reveals a profound truth: women leaders who exhibit self-confidence often experience higher job satisfaction, enhanced performance and more significant progress in their career trajectories. The impact of confidence extends beyond personal fortitude; it significantly influences professional outcomes and organisational success.

Overcoming Barriers to Self-Confidence 

While confidence is a powerful tool, various factors hinder its development among women. Societal norms, stereotypes, imposter syndrome and a lack of representation in leadership positions all contribute to a crisis of confidence among women.

Finding confidence often begins with self-reflection and learning to own and share our strengths and talents. It involves challenging with self-compassion and fostering a growth mindset. Additionally, mentorship and sponsorship, bespoke training and a supportive, diverse work environment play pivotal roles in cultivating confidence among women leaders.

The Ripple Effect of Confidence 

Confidence doesn’t operate in isolation. Its impact resonates across teams, organisations, and the broader community. Confident leaders inspire trust, foster innovation, and create inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.

A self-assured leader sets the stage for others to follow suit. They create a ripple effect, encouraging their team members to embrace their capabilities, take risks, and push boundaries. Ultimately, fostering a culture of confidence breeds resilience, creativity, and collective success. This is born out by the impact our SOAR graduates and our coaching clients report they are having as they implement the tools and techniques in our coaching and training.

Empowering Women through Confidence-Building Programmes

We understand the pivotal role confidence plays in shaping the trajectory of women leaders. Our tailored programmes are designed to nurture leadership skills that empower women to embrace and harness their feminine strengths with authenticity, sustainability and results.

We recognise that the journey towards confidence is unique for every individual and our work caters to diverse needs, providing a safe space for exploration, growth and development.

Embrace Your Journey Towards Confidence

The road to confidence is an ongoing expedition. It Involves introspection, learning, and a commitment to personal growth. As you delve into the intricacies of leadership, remember that confidence isn’t a destination; it’s a continuous evolution.

Believe in your abilities, embrace your uniqueness and step up to lead. Your journey towards confidence not only shapes your success but also paves the way for those around you.

Institute of Leadership & Management’s research underscores the transformative power of confidence for women leaders. It’s not just a personal attribute; it’s a catalyst for personal and professional fulfilment as you progress into new roles with more impact and influence.

As you embark on your leadership journey, remember that confidence is within your reach – you have the capability to step up and lead with conviction.

** Reference: Ambition and gender at work, Institute of Leadership & Management