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Leader as Advocate: Speaking Up for Your People

There are many different approaches to leadership, each with their own merits and pitfalls, but these often split down largely into two categories – leaders who focus on the task at hand, looking at processes and practices, and leaders who focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of their team through wellbeing and collaboration.

Boundaries and Burnout: Setting Limits to Thrive

If there is one challenge we hear time and again from the women we work with it is that women, whether in the corporate world or elsewhere, often find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Putting Yourself First: Prioritising Your Self-Care

As we step into a new year filled with possibilities, how are you feeling? We think of the festive season as a break and yet many of us return to work in the new year feeling that we may have had some fun but we’re drained from all of the juggling at home and, with January a busy season for many of us, the thought of getting back into the office can be filled with a level of dread.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of EQ

Women being ‘more emotional’ than men is often brought up as a reason why women are less likely to end up in leadership, or even as anecdotal evidence against women’s leadership. However, research has shown that there is actually little difference in levels of emotion between men and women.

Asian woman reading a document at her work desk. Her mouth is open in horror and her hand is lifting as if to put it in front of her mouth.

Mythbusting – Women in the Workplace

McKinsey’s 2023 Women in the Workplace report covers four key myths related to women and work. Here we’re diving into these as well to see what needs to shift to support more women leaders to step up.

Building Resilience: Bouncing Back from Adversity

Many of us may feel like we have a resilience hangover, after the myriad changes over the last few years when it feels like change has been pretty relentless on a world stage between a pandemic, economic and political upheaval and more. So we’re digging in today on how we can continue to cultivate more resilience every day.

Investing in Your Growth and Excellence

Why does investing in yourself matter? We often think that it’s somehow selfish or unnecessary. But as women who are in, or aspiring to, leadership, investing in ourselves is one of the most impactful things we can do.